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All my instruments whether new or s/hand come with a 12 month warranty covering pads,corks felts & springs in addition to any relevant manufacturers warranty,however client sale instruments do not unless they have been

serviced for sale by myself.



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Trevor James Classic Alto. Gold Lacquer. Award winning student sax.


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New Trevor James Classic Tenor. Gold Lacquer. £695.00



Client sale:

Selmer Mk VI Tenor. 1971. S.No. M202550

Serviced by me. Pads in good condition. Some lacquer wear.

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 Kohlert Stencil Alto  S/H

Client sale:

Kohlert Stencil Alto Sax

Badged Lafleur Artist-B&H

Rolled Toneholes. Re-padded by me in 2011 and very little use since the. Sweet tone

 Buescher True-Tone Alto  S/H

Client sale: 

Buescher True-Tone Alto Sax

Circa 1922. The owner has tried to touch up the worn lacquer in places to 'interesteing' effect! Looks scruffy but plays very well.

 Jupiter Alto Sax  S/H Client sale:

Jupiter Alto Sax

JAS 767 with Rousseau Jazz mouthpiece and stands.

 Jupiter Alto Sax  S/H

Client sale:

Yamaha 32 Alto Sax

Vandoren A1 mouthpiece plus stand


Buescher Aristocrat 200 


Client Sale:


Buescher Aristocrat 200 Alto Sax


Very good condition, well looked after

intermediate American horn

 Bauhaus & Walstein tenor  S/H

Client Sale:

Bauhaus & Walstein tenor sax, good condition with Selmer C* mouth piece

 beuscher true-tone alto  S/H

Client Sale:

Beuscher true-tone alto sax, good condition


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New Trevor James TJ10X III. £365.00

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New Trevor James Cantable. Solid silver head. French pointed keys. Excellent step-up flute. Special Offer Price! £789.00


To follow S/H Yamaha 211S II. £310.00
To follow S/H Gemeinhardt 72SP S/E £195.00

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New Andino Clarinet. Two barrels. £275.00

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S/H Buffet B12. Excellent condition £225.00

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S/H Vito 3. Bullet-proof American student Clarinet. £160.00
Protege Cornet New Protege. Student Cornet outfit. £225.00
Yamaha Trumpet S/H Yamaha 2335 £195.00

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